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Increase Traffic to Your Website in Just 30 Days! – Part 1: Keyword Research, Editorial Calendar, Infographic

How would you increase traffic to your website in 30 days? Not an easy question. Maybe that’s why German online marketing expert Andreas Graap took it upon himself to craft an ambitious 30-day-guide to double one’s website traffic (German article). We at linkbird found the piece compelling enough to take his ideas for boosting visitor numbers, and run a little self-experiment based on these suggestions, which, as it turned out, evolved into quite a big project on the validity of his ...

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How to Achieve a Sustainable Growth in Your Online Marketing ROI via Building Sustainable Online Visibility!

Every entrepreneur, start-up founder, or owner of an online shop has a crucial goal to reach on his or her path to success: increasing the company’s (online) visibility, thereby increasing the number of visitors and eventually sales – on the basis of a proper website, of course. To master this increase, there are countless marketing disciplines like pay-per-click (e.g. with Google Adwords), Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Display Advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Online PR, E-Mail Marketing, and many more sub-disciplines. Every discipline can be useful during different phases of ...

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SEO, Content & Inbound Marketing News August 2014 – Safety first, when Penguin does the Ice Bucket Challenge!

In August Google eventually came back to life, rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of a devastating summer drought to declare secure websites a ranking factor and announce a new Penguin Update to be expected soon. In the name of usability, the search giant furthermore dropped the visible remains of authorship like a hot brick on lovingly built authority settlements throughout the internet landscape. SEOs ran around in circles screaming, while Facebook updated its newsfeed algorithm in a desperate ...

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The 12 Fastest (and Safest) Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Long Tail Keywords
Traffic is crucial to the success of any online venture. However, getting noticed online can be tricky at times. With so much content flooding the web, many sites, both old and new, struggle to get people to pay them a visit. These tips will help you to boost your site’s traffic rankings quickly and safely. They’re not cheap tricks, but rather tried-and-tested marketing techniques that can pique web users’ interest and bring them rushing to your door. 1) Check Your ...

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The State of Content Marketing and SEO in 2014: Expert-Interview with Olaf Kopp from Aufgesang

Olaf Kopp is an executive partner at Aufgesang Inbound Online Marketing GbR and head of marketing at the Aufgesang agency group. He is an enthusiastic searchengine and content marketer, as well as a certified Adwords professional. As an author and blogger, he writes for a variety of field-related magazines (such as t3n, suchradar, Website Boosting …). Additionally, he engages as a speaker at conferences and as a lecturer at the IHK and FH in Hannover, covering the topics of SEO, content marketing and web analysis.  He ...

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The Top 7 Guides to SEO

Guide to SEO
This one is for the new beginners who are interested in SEO and looking to get an edge, and for the experienced ones who want a reference point for the best Guides to SEO out there. When I got into SEO, I had a difficult time starting. It was not as much as the content, but where to find it and which one is worth reading. There are bunch of “definitive” “essential” “step-by-step” or “basic” guides to SEO on the ...

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Meet linkbird at dmexco 2014 in Cologne – increase Online Visibility with SEO, Content Seeding and Online PR!!!

On September 10th/11th, Europe’s biggest trade fair for digital marketing, dmexco, will welcome online marketers from around the world in Cologne, Germany. For the sixth time, the international trade fair is offering ample opportunities for Internet-enthusiasts to network, mingle, form new contacts, interact, try new things and brainstorm. Naturally, linkbird is going to be represented at the fair with a completely new design including a number of intuitive features, a unique strategy for higher online visibility and personal on-site consulting. Click on ...

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Negative SEO Case Study – Part 2: Tirendo Best Practice

Last week, I wrote about a Negative SEO Attack against Tirendo. Over the last couple of months, we were able to gather some extensive knowledge on this matter. In this blog post, I will focus on the correct behaviour pattern when dealing with negative SEO attacks. How do you discover negative SEO in time? I guess, the pressing question is: how do I discover an attack on my website in time? Naturally, you would want to take action as soon as possible and protect ...

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Google Analytics: not provided – Enough Already!

not provided
Anybody using Google Analytics in the recent past has been annoyed by the constantly increasing “not provided” results for visitors regarding organic keyword information. Google implemented this new system in late 2011 for data protection reasons – strangely enough it only includes organic and not paid search – - and thereby made the web analysis of organic traffic much more difficult. Let me start off by saying that, unfortunately, there is no cure-all solution for this problem. However, there are a couple of possibilities ...

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Why and How You Should Disavow Backlinks

Disavowing Links
It’s a simple question – “why and how you should disavow backlinks?” – that many SEO and online marketers forget to ask, so in this blog post I’m going to answer it for you. Let’s dive right into the why first. Why you should disavow backlinks? Not every backlink is a good backlink. After the Penguin update of it’s algorithm, Google started handing out manual and algorithmic penalties to sites which had backlinks from spammy sites. A quick word on ...

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