SEO, Content & Inbound Marketing News November 2015 – Consistently Waiting for the Holy Penguin and Its Gifts

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SEO, Content & Inbound Marketing News November

Everyone’s waiting for … Santa? Who the heck is Santa? Everyone’s waiting for the new Google Penguin algo update soon to be rolled out in real-time. So have you been good this year? May you expect presents or punishment? If you’re not so sure about what to answer, have a look at Google’s Golden Book – the recently published Search Quality Rating Guidelines.

End of the year is close and you’re running out of time to read the entire 158 pages? Well then maybe have a look here to get a detailed summary. It starts with “E-A-T” which honestly fits the season quite well.

What else kept the digital marketing scene on tenterhooks in November? Our linkbird SEO, Content & Inbound Marketing News will tell!


And as an inspiration for the new month – here comes the best quote of the last few weeks:


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Trending Topic of the Month

So John Mueller apparently gave the SEO advice to be consistent. As far as I’m concerned I’d say that this is the #1 advice in any situation ever. Consistency is even one of the six principles of persuasion identified by psychologist Robert Cialdini. That’s due to the fact that consistency is “normally associated with personal and intellectual strength. It is at the heart of logic, rationality, stability, and honesty.” This is why people are more likely to stick to publicly made commitments. Because they strive for consistency as a desirable and acknowledged personality trait.

In October this year I’ve visited the Social Media Conference in Hamburg and listened to a quite inspiring speech by Frank Vogel, co-founder of the marketing agency Vogel Obentz. His presentation was all about being consistent – as an individual, as a company and as a brand. In essence, what he was trying to say is very well expressed by this slide from his speech (I’ve translated it for you guys).
Brand Management
Why is consistency so important for a brand, for your content and in consequence for SEO as well? Because it reflects authenticity, meaningfulness, and commitment to a specific cause. It characterizes you, defines your personality and gives your existence a clear purpose. And maybe most importantly – it prepares you for external agenda-setting and frees you from the need to constantly push content into the heads of your target group. Thank you Frank for these invaluable insights!

News from the linkbird Blog

#Link Building – YouTube is not just an important video platform but can also be a crucial channel for referral traffic. However, for referral traffic you need links. Here’s some of the most effective link building strategies for Youtube:

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Link building Strategies for Successful Video Marketers

#SEO – Page loading times are a ranking factor. You should thus optimize your website speed to sustainably improve the user experience. This case study shows you how to successfully improve page speed of a WordPress website:

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Case Study on WordPress Website Speed Optimization

#Content Marketing – Boost your traffic numbers by promoting your blog the right way. It’s not just about creating best of class content on a daily basis but rather about how to get the maximum out of the content you already have:

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How to Promote Your Blog

#Inbound Marketing – Increasing blog traffic is great but not yet an indicator for success. To have an impact on your bottom line traffic needs to convert. Pimp your blog with help of these ten tips to improve conversion rates:

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10 Drastic Ways to Convert Blog Traffic into Sales



Top 10 Articles for SEO, Content & Inbound Marketing News


Rob Wormley

#Content Marketing – Imagine you’ve created an amazing piece of content but nobody seems to take notice. You’ve given it a shout out on social media – but competition is high on Twitter & Co. What to do now? Rob Wormely has curated some lesser known content promotion hacks to try out:

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#Inbound Marketing – We all create content and amplify it via social media. But have you ever thought about this being the wrong approach to content marketing? Daniel Hochuli explains how audience intent can affect marketing performance and why search content and social media content shouldn’t be mixed up:

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Neil Patel

#SEO – Should I focus more on SEO or content marketing? Neil Patel does away with this often heard question and clarifies why only SEO and content marketing combined have the power to maximize your traffic. In the end what we’re dealing with here is just two sides of the very same coin:

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Irene Triendl

#Inbound Marketing – This post will definitely brighten your day. Irene Triendl puts lots of personality, passion and conviction into her opinion piece on why case studies suck. That’s not because the idea of a case study as such is bad but because people tend to misinterpret the concept making it a waste of potential:

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Gavin Llewellyn

#Content Marketing – Who just said case studies would be shit? Erm, well, these ones definitely aren’t. Gavin Llewellyn presents three B2B content marketing examples to be inspired. No matter the industry or business model – those not keeping up with the content marketing hype run the risk to be left behind:

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Eric Ward

#Link Building – There has been lots of discussion around link building over the last few months – I was tempted to say years. And still manual link building will never be obsolete, says Eric Ward. Why is that? Because in the end it’s all about people and personalization which is only really truly achieved by manual outreach:

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#Inbound Marketing – Users get to your blog, read your content and leave. This might sound not too bad at first but thinking about it there’s a missing link. No interaction. Content marketing wants more than just to reach people. It wants to trigger actions. This is where these conversion boosting plugins come in handy:

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Francisco Acuña

#SEOHow to become an outstanding SEO? That’s the question Franciso Acuña has asked some reputable search engine optimizers. The answers are varied, insightful, inspiring, and depict a highly interconnected and practical-minded discipline with a strong focus on long-term measures and user experience:

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Chris Kenton

#Social Media – For sales social media have been blessing and curse all at once. On the one hand prospects don’t need to call anymore to get all the information they need about a product, on the other hand it has opened the gates to social selling. Chris Kenton explains what that means and how it is different to social marketing:

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Dominique Jackson

#Inbound Marketing – Marketing is all about relationships. In fact influencer marketing is just another name for public relations. You need to identify influential people in your area and convince them to spread your company message. Dominique Jackson reveals how to find and approach such people:

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Top Video of the Month

#SEO – A few weeks ago Google announced that RankBrain has taken over the search algorithm. Learn how this switch to artificial intelligence will impact SEO:

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Best Infographic of the Month

#Inbound Marketing – This infographic is a tribute to the ongoing popularity of e-mail marketing. Still, after all these years, newsletters and other types of e-mail outreach have the proven power to convert:

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State of E-Mail Marketing

Best Slideshow of the Month

#Link Building – Creativity is the most valuable business asset in marketing and SEO these days. Jason Acidre shares some creative link building tactics to keep in mind for 2016:

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed our linkbird SEO, Content & Inbound Marketing News and that you could take away a lot for your daily work in the field. Stay tuned and please feel free to recommend us! 🙂

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