SEO, Content & Inbound Marketing News October 2015 – From Strings to Things and From Human Brains to AI

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SEO, Content & Inbound Marketing News October

Remember the time when Google was a dumb little machine you could cheat on by inserting a keyword just a bit more often than necessary? The time when SEO was about finding the loophole instead of optimizing the user experience? Well, these times are gone. And they’re gone for good. Just recently Google announced that RankBrain has taken over the algorithm. No little penguin, no cute panda and no tiny hummingbird, no – RainkBrain is concentrated artificial intelligence coming your way.

What else kept the digital marketing scene on tenterhooks in October? Our linkbird SEO, Content & Inbound Marketing News will tell!


And as an inspiration for the new month – here comes the best quote of the last few weeks:


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Trending Topic of the Month

Long time ago Henry Ford introduced humans to the assembly line technique for mass production. The machine was at the center of it all. Men should work like machines completing the simplest tasks in the most efficient way. Man had to adapt to the machine – should become kind of a machine himself. Few years later this concept began to turn around and the sociotechnical system began to evolve. Now, it wasn’t man who should adapt to the machine but the machine should adapt to its human counterpart. The seamless alignment of men and machine has been taken another step further in the world of today.
Man and Machine

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Cyborgs aren’t just science fiction anymore. People are constantly optimizing themselves and their work by help of technology. I’ve already written about it here in July. It becomes harder to differentiate between human achievement and programmed performance. Humanity and technology are slowly but steadily becoming one. According to Google’s Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai “machine learning is a core transformative way by which we are rethinking everything we are doing.”. Google moves from strings to things and from human brains to AI. The search engine becomes real world compliant to help mankind to conduct technically faultless operations. Isn’t it ironic?


News from the linkbird Blog

#Content Marketing – Visuals are a crucial part of online content. However, not everyone has a graphic designer or is blessed with design skills himself. So where to find the best free images for your content? David Vallance from Digital Impact has listed some of his favorite sources of inspiration:

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Where to Find the Free Images for Your Content Marketing

#Inbound Marketing – Open rates are a real gate keeper in e-mail marketing. Those who don’t open the e-mail won’t neither click through nor convert. So how can you optimize your outreach? Moosa Hemani presents five ideas that that have been successful with his clients:

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Increase Open Rate with These 4 E-Mail Marketing Ideas

#Content Marketing – Oftentimes it’s only a few factors deciding for success or failure of a content marketing campaign. The elephant in the room is which? Laurens Mauquoi has analyzed three especially successful content marketing campaigns to identify their secret ingredients:

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Content Marketing Campaigns: 3 Best Practice Examples

#SEO – Visibility tracking in the online world is a prerequisite for SEO. However, simply monitoring your overall keyword rankings can distort your view on performance. You thus need to group your keywords according to your strategic goals in order to target your actions and increase visibility:

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How to Track Your Online Visibility like a Pro



Top 10 Articles for SEO, Content & Inbound Marketing News


Fenja Villeumier

#SEO – User behavior today has high impact on SEO success. It’s not for nothing that SEO has been often translated as Search Experience Optimization lately. In consequence, we should apply the reverse SEO technique that focuses on the user and thus in the long run shows significantly positive SEO effects:

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Steve Rayson

#Link Building – Steve Rayson from BuzzSumo and Moz have published a joint study on how links and shares relate to each other. The analysis suggests that research-backed articles and opinion-forming journalism as well as long form content in general receive both more shares and links:

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Michele Linn

#Content Marketing – Apparently most marketers are not feeling effective when it comes to content marketing. Why is that, Michele Linn asks and takes a closer look at why success in content marketing might not be so easy to define and how to better communicate success in the team as well:

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Ben Silverman

#Social Media – Those who want to measure ROI must set clear goals in the beginning. But what do marketers want from their social campaigns? What is is they should track and measure? Ben Silverman has some facts and figures but also some good advice on what to focus on in the different sectors:

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Graham Charlton

#SEO – Bounce rates have often been subject to discussion. What do they tell me? Is a high bounce rate bad? Graham Charlton explores the relationship between bounce rates and SEO and shows how to reduce your site’s bounce rates and keep visitors on your site for longer:

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Jonathan Hinz

#Inbound Marketing – Never underestimate the power of customer trust in brand marketing. In his article Jonathan Hinz makes the case for personalized communications, credibility, and brand advocates. Because it is the authenticity and trustworthiness that makes a business stand out in an untrusting world:

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Mary Jaksch

#Content Marketing – Everyone has a good tip for blog writers. You need to build an audience. You should try list posts. However, Mary Jaksch has the really good tips for blog writers. The crème de la crème of bloggers has gathered not only to show you how to write but also how to recharge your inspiration battery:

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Matthew Zajechowski

#Link Building – No more link building was the claim a few months ago. Today we know there’s nothing wrong about generating organic links. However, you can engage in some valuable activities that will help you to rank better without link building too. Matthew Zajechowski presents some of them:

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Mike Wallagher

#SEO – Site speed is a difficult matter in SEO. Even though many tend to ignore its effects, its importance is undeniable. Mike Wallagher has set up a case study on how to speed up WordPress for better SEO effects. His measures resulted in significantly improved loading times:

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Angela Stringfellow

#Inbound Marketing – What’s the single most important ingredient to a successful digital marketing plan that often gets overlooked or ignored? Angela Stringfellow put this question to 42 digital marketing experts and gathered some valuable insights on how to improve your strategy:

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Top Video of the Month

#Link Building – Rand Fishkin from Moz explains in his weekly Whiteboard Friday why using only social media for building links won’t do the job:

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Best Infographic of the Month

#Content Marketing – This very appealing recipe collection created by content marketing agency JBH delivers the most important ingredients for each and every content marketing format:

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The Mixology of Content Marketing


Best Slideshow of the Month

#Inbound Marketing – In his SlideShare Michael Brito tackles a very difficult and yet important topic. How to turn your employees into brand advocates? Find the answer here:

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed our linkbird SEO, Content & Inbound Marketing News and that you could take away a lot for your daily work in the field. Stay tuned and please feel free to recommend us! 🙂

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