SEO, Content & Inbound Marketing News September 2015 – How Teamwork & Fair Play Enrich Your Online Marketing

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SEO, Content & Inbound Marketing News September

The analogy has been used many times before but imagine online marketing being a soccer game.

You’ve got a solid back-up – your two defendants Online PR and Content Marketing. They play fair and strategically and they prepare the scoring chances very well. A targeted pass over to number one striker Link Building and … GOOOAAAL! The ball bypasses the Google Algorithm, goalkeeper of the competing team.

The crowd is screaming. They love your team. They cheer for you. You’ve played so well. You’ve entertained them with the best match they’ve ever seen. Champagne is flowing, there comes the trophy…ok, cut.

This is not exactly how it works. Please don’t be disappointed, if no one’s cheering in the end. Unfortunately there won’t be a trophy either. But you’ll get something even better – qualified traffic streams and conversions! Teamwork can make all the difference in achievements.

What else kept the digital marketing scene on tenterhooks in September? Our linkbird SEO, Content & Inbound Marketing News will tell!


And as an inspiration for the new month – here comes the best quote of the last few weeks:


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Trending Topic of the Month

In online marketing today perfectly leveraging the symbiosis of disciplines can make for a company’s competitive advantage in a fast-moving sector. You’re more flexible, your actions are better targeted and your outcomes are more sustainable, if you start focusing on cooperation.

Linkable assets are the ultimate incorporation of this new paradigm in SEO. In order to implement a successful link earning strategy you first of all need highly valuable content assets that deserve incoming backlinks. You thus need to create top notch resources catering to a specific need in your target audience.

Then you can start a content marketing campaign with the purpose of earning high-quality links through reaching out to multipliers and influencers in your individual industry. That’s content marketing, link building and online PR all-in-one and it’s a bullet-proof method to build sustainable online visibility.

Link Building Checklist

So what you’re really doing is inverse SEO. The ultimate goal isn’t a #1 ranking but providing an extraordinary user experience. This extraordinary user experience will get you a #1 ranking in return. Because Google SERPs reflect the popularity of a website, they don’t necessarily ignite it though. So the question if links or rankings came first doesn’t matter as both will come with optimized usability.

Make sure you perfectly leverage the symbiosis in your own online marketing with help of our checklist.


News from the linkbird Blog

#Social Media – Driving traffic to your blog or website is one of the main challenges in content marketing. These 7 tips will help you to leverage social media as a considerable traffic source:

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7 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog with Social Media

#Link Building – Online marketing agency eology has improved its workflow efficiency by 30%. That means 15% more high-quality backlinks. Read on to learn more about how they achieved this:

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Link Building Case Study

#SEO – Many people bank on keywords to drive traffic to their website. However, there’s a small but significant difference between optimizing for traffic and conversions:

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Want to Increase Conversions? Think Beyond Keywords!

#Content Marketing – In the second part of our step-by-step guide to running a successful content marketing campaign we’ll talk about the four essential steps to efficient implementation:

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How to Implement a Successful Content Marketing Campaign



Top 10 Articles for SEO, Content & Inbound Marketing News


Fenja Villeumier

#Content Marketing – There are so many different techniques available in Online Marketing. But which one works best? To answer this question I’ve compared the ROI of Content Marketing and PPC in a little case study. And here’s what I found:

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Neil Patel

#Online PRPersonal branding is important to make you stand out from the crowd in the noisy online environment. Neil Patel, master of self-presentation, has shared some insights about how being unique takes some guts but is definitely worth it:

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#Link Building – Broken link building as such is not a new concept, but Elvis Malkic presents a new way to approach this task. In his post he explains the inverted broken link building method that helps you to get amazing results more easily:

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Avinash Kaushik

#Content Marketing – Storytelling and data – you might think these two don’t get along very well. Avinash Kaushik teaches us better and shows how simple visualization can make all the difference. “PowerPoint does not suck, you do”:

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Sujan Patel

#Inbound Marketing – Blog commenting is a controversial topic. There’s so much spam out there, you only get nofollow links and does it even show effects? Sujan Patel describes how he has grown his business using blog comments:

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Peter van der Graaf

#Link Building – Link building strategist Peter van der Graaf shares a list of 10 ways to improve your link building efforts. These tips will help you to focus your activities, make them more targeted and measurable:

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#Content Marketing – This comprehensive checklist of copywriting essentials provides tips on how to persuade your readers to act and get into your funnel. Henneke explains why you don’t even have to trick anyone to make it work:

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Nevyana Karakasheva

#Online PR – Guest blogging is still an effective link building and branding technique. Nevyana Karakasheva beautifully makes the case for deep personalized email outreach and explains why customizing the greeting simply isn’t enough:

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Jayson DeMers

#Social Media – What’s new in social media? Apparently a lot. Jayson DeMers takes a look into the crystal ball to predict the top 7 social media marketing trends that will dominate 2016. Stay tuned for some big things coming up:

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John E Lincoln

#Content Marketing – It’s not a secret that long form content tends to perform better on the internet. Even though attention spans are shrinking and information overload increases, more words help to make you an authority in your field:

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Top Video of the Month

#SEO – Emma from Koozai explains the best ways to perform competitor analysis in SEO. Because especially in a fast-moving sector linke SEO it is important to always be one step ahead of the competition:

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Best Infographic of the Month

#Inbound Marketing – This infographic shows all you need to know about targeting the always-on consumer. You need to build long-term relationships, foster personal contact and – not to forget – give them a voice:

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The Always-On Consumer


Best Slideshow of the Month

#Content Marketing – Same procedure as every year – the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs have released the 2016 B2B Content Marketing Report for North America:

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed our linkbird SEO, Content & Inbound Marketing News and that you could take away a lot for your daily work in the field. Stay tuned and please feel free to recommend us! 🙂

Link Building Checklist

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