5 Tips for Successful Blogger Outreach & Content Seeding

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Let’s start with a hypothetical situation. You’ve got yourself some great content, product or service and you want your target audience to find out about it. You can pay for the reach or you can earn it. In both situations you can benefit by working with bloggers.

Almost all (successful) bloggers are influencers, which means “they have greater than average reach or impact through word of mouth in relevant market places” – Source. Bloggers are also seen as part of a community so they also garner a lot of trust from their audience.

So how should you go about reaching bloggers and getting the word out about your content, product or service? Start with identifying the right bloggers.


1. Identify The Most Relevant Bloggers

There a few ways you can identify bloggers relevant for your market:

  • Do a Google search
  • Look in blog catalogues or blog directories
  • Use tools which can crawl the web and find the bloggers for you

linkbird’s Sitehunter tool is ideal for doing blogger research based on keywords which are important for your audience. Simply create a Sitehunter job and specify the type of website as “Blog”. You can also choose the Google domain you would like to focus on.

Blogger Research

Sitehunter will search the web, find the relevant pages for you and sort them in a overview with all the relevant metrics.

Sitehunter Sources

Each of the collected pages can be added to your list of sources directly out of the overview.


2. Follow Relevant Trends And News

Another way you can find relevant and influential bloggers is by following topics relevant to your business. You can use Google Alerts to follow certain topics, but with the linkbird’s Topic Alerts feature you receive automatic updates which are organized in an overview and can be directly added to your sources.


3. Over Time Build Your Blogger Contact Database

After you’ve done the research, it is important to make sure that these sources are not lost, but are collected. Over time you can create a database of relevant bloggers that you can reach out to.

Add Sources

In linkbird’s CRM feature you can add tags to each of the contacts. These tags can help you filter the right sources (in this case bloggers) to do outreach with.

Tagging contacts in CRM

4. Fine-tune Your Outreach to Bloggers

Successful bloggers receive a lot of pitches from different companies in their field. So if you want your message to be read, you need to stand out. What can you do?

  • Make sure that the targeted blogger is relevant for your product.
  • Think of what benefits you can offer the blogger for seeding your content or promoting your product.
  • State how your content or product fits with the blogger’s focus.
  • Make the email personal.

Only drawback of customizing your blogger outreach is the time it requires for you to tailor the message for every blogger. With linkbird you can create and use templates that can be easily customized for each blogger.

Email templates

You can find a win-win by using templates and then testing the templates.

Template data

5. Evaluate Your Content Seeding Efforts

Once you’ve made your best efforts to reach out to and collaborate with bloggers, you’ll want to evaluate your returns. Track referral traffic received from the blogger sites. The more places you seed your content, the more back links and traffic you will generate for your website.


Key Takeaways:

  1. Systematically identify relevant bloggers
  2. Store blogger information in database for easy retrieval
  3. Use templates and customize them for pitching to bloggers
  4. Determine the ROI of the bloggers you work with

What are your thoughts and opinions on blogger outreach and content seeding? How do you do it and what tips would you like to share with other readers?

Blogger Outreach

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