Laurens’ Inbound Marketing Lounge #5: Why These Content Marketing Campaigns Really Took Off!

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In our new and exclusive linkbird blog column Laurens Mauquoi, Head of SEO and eCRM at the loan comparison site smava, talks about his own daily business routine as in-house SEO as well as the routine of his colleagues, partners, and friends.

Laurens Mauquoi's Inbound Marketing Lounge

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4.000 backlinks with one infographic – that’s something most of us can only dream of. Oftentimes it’s just a few factors that decide for success or failure of a content marketing campaign. In this post I’ll show you 3 examples that were extraordinarily successful.



Admittedly, competitions are a little sucked dry. Especially at the end of the year it seems that even the tiniest online shop runs an advent calendar competition on its channels.

Still, the concept can work out pretty well as proven by the example of The technically oriented online magazine regularly attracts attention through smartly implemented content marketing measures. But the success of last year’s advent calendar competition might have surprised even employees.

This is how the numbers stack up: 335 backlinks from 57 domains! (Source: Ahrefs) But the success of this campaign not only shows in links generated. The concept was very well perceived on social media channels as well: The landing page of the competition was shared over 7,500 times on Facebook and more than 7,400 times on Twitter.

Content Marketing Campaign - Competition by Giga

The Giga Advent Calendar means anually replicable SEO success.


The key to success lies within this very fact. Technically oriented websites in general are provided with a loyal readership. Even more important though: The well-coordinated outreach to publishers and the intensive promotion on social media channels have perfectly complemented each other.

And I don’t want to keep the real smash from you: You can repeat the concept year over year again and again! The advantage for SEO is that the URL gets new links each year again – a dream come true!



Everyone has seen it already – at least two times! The infographic on consumer behaviour in Germany by Kaufda went crazily viral. Renowned German newspapers such as Focus, Wirtschaftswoche, Süddeutsche and FAZ wrote about it. This did not only generate valuable backlinks but could also sustainably increase the company’s brand visibility!

Infographics suffer from the same problem as advent competitions: Everyone’s doing it! So how could the campaign by Kaufda be so successful? The content is dynamic and changes within seconds. It displays renowned companies and popular products. This way each user finds his or her very own spot of interest on the infographic.

Content Marketing Campaign - Kaufda Infographic

The real-time infographic by Kaufda not only is a link magnet but also increases dwelling time.


Due to its dynamic the infographic not only gets linked a lot. The user also likes to look at the real-time changes a little longer. Thus the time on site increases – not unrelevant for SEO considering that Google rates user behaviour with increasing importance.

Impressive numbers: The URL was linked 511 times by 154 different domains in total! The infographic furthermore earned more than 36,000 likes. It was shared about 1,500 times on Twitter and even on Google Plus it generated over 1,000 „+1“.



Every company has a blog. The problem: Most of them don’t have any readers!

A successful blog is part of a community: If you’re blogging about wine, you regularly mingle with other bloggers in your field. If you’re blogging about travelling, you participate in trade fairs and join Twitter conversations on the topic.

One common problem with corporate blogs is that it’s hard for them to enter the community. On the one hand this might be the fault of the responsible editors, but on the other hand many fellow bloggers don’t like such corporate blogs as in their opinion they’re lacking “authenticity”.

Do something about it! By organizing Blogger Awards you can achieve an immense traffic boost. An important prerequisite: Your company must have reached a certain „credibility“ in the community already. Blogger work hard every day to satisfy their readership. When rewarding this effort with a prize you not only show appreciation for their work but also strengthen the relationship with famous influencers.

One example are the Zalando Fashion Blogger Awards. The fashion giant has gathered a jury of popular fashion journalists, among them e.g. Barbara Franzreb from VOGUE.

Content Marketing Campaign - Zalando Fashion Blogger Awards

Blogger Awards provide companies like Zalando with the opportunity to foster contact with influencers.


The most interesting part are the links. According to Ahrefs the landing page for registration was only linked twice. The landing page for the voting however provides completely different numbers: 162 backlinks from 35 domains. Of course, the participating blogs promoted to vote for them on their own pages which generated a considerable number of contextually relevant links. But the voting also got coverage by renowned fashion magazines such as GRAZIA. According to Zalando more than 4,000 users in total have voted.

Fashion bloggers often have a well-maintained social media profile at their disposal and share the content on their channels. Dariadaria, winner of the German jury award, alone has more than 20,000 Facebook followers. Besides the indirect advertising for Zalando the site should have experiences a nice traffic increase during the vote.


Looking at these three successful campaigns one realizes:

Content Marketing Managers have to rethink. Of course, backlinks are an essential KPI – however, in the successful implementation of a campaign there are several crucial factors involved. For successfully positioning your ideas on the web you need to bank on a combination of content, publisher address, and social media. I’ll tell you more about it in my next article on the most important KPIs in Content Marketing.


Here’s a good example for a content marketing campaign:

Qualitative link building via target group specific content strategies!

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Laurens Mauquoi

Laurens Mauquoi

Laurens Mauquoi is Head of SEO und eCRM at the loan comparison site smava. In his spare time he loves to blog about wine and travels.

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