State of SEO Agencies – Infographic and Market Research

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Why do companies hire an SEO agency? What are the reasons for outsourcing SEO activities? Where lie the challenges and overlooked opportunities for improvement for an SEO agency? We’ve done a lot of research, we’ve asked hundreds of market participants and we’ve analysed their answers in detail, to provide you with the big picture depicting the current state of SEO. The following infographic summarizes the most important findings of our extensive market study. You can get further and more detailed insights in our comprehensive PDF report! The actionables derived from this survey and presented in our free report are vital for long-term success in the industry. Learn more about your customers, the market and state of your SEO agency here!

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Infographic on the State of SEO Agencies

Infographic - State of SEO Agencies
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SEO is a challenging field for service-providers and customers alike. The only absolute term in the industry is change. That does not only make it harder for SEO agencies to establish approved workflows but also causes insecurity in the potential client. How to choose an affordable SEO agency that best fits the company’s goals and needs? How to keep track with the activities put into practice and which KPIs to use for measuring the outcome? Wouldn’t an in-house SEO be the safer bet in the long run? Why outsource SEO at all? Isn’t SEO today just another word for content marketing anyway? The inbound marketers can take care of it.

In fact, the rather holistic approach to SEO nowadays might put the agencies’ right of existence in danger. The ones most adaptable to change will survive, is what they say. But what does that really mean for agencies specialized on search engine optimization? Is every SEO agency required to become an online marketing agency in the long run? Providing a broad variety of services – such as content marketing, online PR and link building – rather than focusing on a pet topic? And maybe even more important to know – is that what the customer really wants and needs?

Our infographic depicts the customer journey from first contact to retention from both (potential) client and SEO agency perspective. This direct comparison of supply and demand reveals gaps and interferences alike allowing a detailed and in-depth analysis of best practices and pitfalls along the way. The extensive market study eventually draws the big picture of a transforming sector.

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Infographic - State of SEO Agencies

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Fenja Villeumier

Fenja Villeumier

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