3 Reasons Why You Should Find Links to Your Website!

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SEOs need to be control freaks to be good at their jobs. Why is that? SEO and link building require planning and monitoring to be successful and accountable. One key element in link building is to gather as much information as possible about your back links: number, quality, position on the site, dofollow/nofollow, anchor text, link target. But why exactly is it necessary and important to find links to your website ?


1. Analyzing Your Link Profile by Finding Links Pointing to Your Site

First of all, links are not everything. Quality over quantity is a valid point in life – even more so in SEO, where Google penalties are lurking behind every suspicious-looking link profile. If you are unaware of the quality of your links, you can get into trouble for having too many links on low-quality websites, or links with highly optimized anchor texts. As ususal: knowledge is power.

The more information you collect about the metrics of a website and the attributes of a link pointing to you, the better you can take necessary steps and avoid penalties. Better still: you can immediately contact the respective webmaster and establish a valuable business contact with him/her.

Analyzing the successes of your link building efforts on a regular basis is crucial to keep on track with the strengths and weaknesses in your link profile.


2. Finding the Best-performing Content for Your Link Building

Secondly, you need to be able to detect exactly the kind of content on your website that is responsible for the highest number of generated backlinks. Link targets will give you valuable information on the best performing sites on your domain. This presents an important analytical advantage since you can deduce helpful data on current trends which your content fits into.

Random content production is a waste of time and money.  By being informed of what works best, you will cut your losses and instead produce content that your target audience really wants to read. This will not only improve your lead generation processes but also result in better Google results and higher rankings.

Finding links to your subpages will give you helpful information on best-performing articles on your site.


3. Promptly Reacting to Negative and Positive Feedback

Thirdly, any coverage of your website that you are unaware of is something you need to monitor and evaluate. By finding links to your site on a daily basis, you will keep track of anything from reviews, customer complaints, to mentions in articles, press coverage, etc. An on-time knowledge of complaints is necessary to intervene and ensure customer satisfaction. Other types of coverage will help you identify blogposts and/or articles that are highly popular and have become viral.

You can use this information and repurpose your best work (via different channels, formats, etc.) to use the momentum and increase your seeding with customized newsletter campaigns, social media seeding and PR outreach. Ultimately, this will result in a win-win-win situation, as it will improve not only your visibility, but your link building and traffic as well.

On-time reactions to new-found back links (incl. content-repurposing) will benefit your SEO in terms of online visibility, visitor-stream and link generation.


In addition to link quality, analytics and media coverage, there are many other aspects why finding links to your website will improve your SEO strategy. However, finding links should not take up too much time. In fact, an automatic link alert will inform you of new-found links on the net and enable you to anaylze and evaluate them immediately without putting a strain on your resources.

A daily alert, such as the linkbird link alert, is a helpful assistance by making your workflow more efficient and transparent. The new linkbird feature automatically finds back links and informs you of new-found links via an alert icon in the tool or via emails.

This simplifies your workflow and gives you plenty of time to improve your link profile and link building tactics. Finding links to your website should not be an Easter egg hunt, after all. So have a go at it and save time in your SEO management with our automatic link finder:
The linkbird Link Alert offers you many benefits for your SEO management:

  • the daily display of newly found links for all projects monitored in linkbird and which have not yet been added to your database

  • the overview, analysis and transfer of newly found links into your link database via a practical, detailed intermediate display

  • a daily alert about newly found links with all important metrics via the notification icon in the right top corner of the tool

  • an optional daily notification per email


Finding Links to My Website!

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