10 Drastic Ways to Convert Blog Traffic Into Sales

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Everyone knows that boosting website traffic and to convert blog traffic into sales is a time-consuming process. In theory, a lot of organis traffic is a good thing to make good money online.

Before getting a good traffic, however, you better look to the following aspects for a website:

Many website owners drive more visitors from paid advertising. But do you know the disadvantages of this method?

  • As Hubspot reports, upstream marketing costs 61% less to get leads than outbound marketing (for example, Facebook ads, direct mail).
  • Search Engine Journal informs that inbound leads for search engines get a 14.6% close rate on average compared to a 1.7% close rate for leads coming from outbound results.

Do not ignore these main aspects, as many start-ups fail to get good traffic on their websites.

After getting enough leads, the next step would be internet marketing for your services. How are you going to convert your blog traffic into sales? Below are ten awesome ways on how to convert website traffic into sales.

#1. Make an effective call to action in the content

No matter whether you access a live demo, you want to get more about a certain product or even purchase it; a good call to action is one of the best ways to convert website traffic into potential customers and should be used in every piece of content. Here are some useful ideas on how to make effective calls to action:

  • Use action verbs for improved usability. For example, click, register or sign up.call to action
  • Create logical and customer-centric slogans which should be supported by images and value proposition.

call to action 1

  • Add a touch of confidence. Try to remove all risks of  buying the product and no obligation phrases. If the product is free, make sure to let people know about it.

call to action2

  • Use eye-catching images to attract user’s attention and help further co-operation.

call to action3

  • Make visitors react straight away. Don’t give them much time to wait and think over your value proposition. Create a feeling of urgency.

call to action4

#2. Add an email subscription option to your website

If you get much organic traffic to your blog, you should find a way of collecting the emails of your users. The best way to collect them is to add an email subscription option on your blog. It is a longer process, but this method will meet your expectations. Here are some ideas on how to gather emails:

  • Create email opt-in forms on your sidebar that allows you convert 5%-2% of your users.
  • Create popups with PopUp Domination.

email subscription

  • Add an email collection box at the end of blog posts.

email subscription1

As soon as you gather the email addresses, you can follow the next step to attract customers by creating a good email drip. Aweber or MailChimp are the best services to make an email drip. If you create a good email drip, you can convert around 5%.


Follow the golden rule of email marketing: you can’t attract users by sending them a few emails; you should send at least 7 emails to sell your product. The first email has an educational character; the second one creates trust and then sales.

#3. Create a compelling case study

Case studies are one of the most effective ways to attract potential clients to your business. The reason why it is a great way to convert traffic into sales is that case studies discover ways to drive website traffic and tell exactly how you have reached the results. Here are some tips on how to make an effective case study:

Use testimonials in case studies to back up your claims.

case study

  • Share the real story from start to finish.
  • Include real proofs and real numbers.
  • Consider different types of audio, video, visual representations.

case study 1

  • Use good content formatting points (headers, imager, subtitles, bullet list)

According to my experience, most bloggers can’t convert much traffic, as case studies are ambiguous and don’t inspire confidence among people that are reading them.

#4. Get the most of special promotions and giveaways

Special offers and giveaways are simple methods to convert traffic into sales. Creating blog posts with special promotions will take your online business to new signups. People are always engaged in any chance to win something or use any free product.

special offers

Make sure that conversion rates depend on price and your offer. If your blog gets over 200 000 unique visitors per month, you should convert at least 200 of your users. Otherwise, you should reconsider your offer.

#5. Disable comments

To create effective calls to action, make sure you disable comments for the post. Don’t allow people to be distracted by involving them in a dialogue. It is a great tactic that works well for  attracting people’s attention. Just let people engage into what they should be, but not adding them to the conversation as that can change their mind and distract them from the action they should take.

 #6. Take part in forums and online communities

Forums and online communities are always a good chance to get traffic that converts into sales. The beauty of these sources is that you can meet many people discussing common interests. Becoming a part of topical communities will help you find your pot of gold and drive much traffic and sales. It is a long-term process, but the result will equal your hopes.

#7. Get sales with YouTube

YouTube is a great video network that helps you convert viewers with an effective call to action at the end of your video. The Shareaholic blog states that YouTube can generate the most-engaged customers to websites. Try to use a call to action at the end of the video where you can make them go to a landing page and make specific actions like registration, purchase or learning about your service. YouTube is the best alternative to get new customers.


#8. Get social media traffic

Most website owners know that social networks are one of the smartest ways to earn new clients. Get on board and send your social media traffic to your landing page.  Try to interact with other bloggers on the social media, make some surveys, use Facebook and Twitter ads to get more targeted traffic and boost email signups.

Create good-looking landing pages with valuable information about your products and get more clients from your social media networks.

#9. Use the mob mentality method

You have already heard about the herd behavior that shows how people have a natural tendency to follow trends, adopt people’s behaviors and purchase items. If people do something worthy, other people should know about it. For example, how to use some products or services that can boost your conversion rate.

Mention does something similar and tells how many companies are already using this tool every day.


If 350 000 companies use Mention every day, it must be worth checking out. It is the first challenge users should get across: tell people about the effectiveness of your product and how many people are using it every day.

#10. Take care of your website speed

You will be surprised, but speed is something you shouldn’t forget about, as it has a huge impact on your website rankings and conversion rates. Amazon, Alibaba, eBay do the utmost to make their website load fast.

The surveys made by Kissmetrics tell that web users wait a website load for 2 seconds or less. If the website does not load in 3 seconds, they will just leave it and won’t return to that site again. Note that for each delay in page response, you will get 7% decrease in conversion rate.

website speed

It is important to pay attention to overall website speed if you want to increase your conversion rates and improve search traffic. You can check out website speed with a free Google PageSpeed tool.

Over to you

I know there are lots of different ways to convert website traffic into sales, but I think these ones are quite effective. To get the positive results, you should be a little bit creative and have a desire to reach the goal. Make sure that your possibilities are boundless.

If you used other ways that workd well for you, leave your comments below and tell us about your thoughts.

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