How to Promote your Blog and Triple Your Traffic

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If our blogs were hearts, then traffic would be the blood that flows into them. Without traffic, a blog cannot find the success it needs and deserves. In a perfect world, it would be as simple as putting your content online and people would come rushing in to read it and share the post on social media.

In today’s world, if you want to triple your traffic, you need to employ the latest and greatest strategies to promote your blog and reach your audience each and every time. After all, traffic converts into sales for your blog. Today we’re going to look at 3 unique and powerful strategies that you can start using today to triple, quadruple, and even quintuple your traffic numbers! The sky’s the limit!

3 Proven Tactics For Exploding Your Traffic Numbers

When we first learned about blog promotion, we were told that we should share our posts on social media, and with fellow influencers who may promote it themselves and send you a backlink in the process.

While these essentially elements of promoting your blog and increasing traffic are always important, today’s world of blogging requires us to continue evolving and finding ways to take these basics and constantly improve upon them.

Today I’m going to show you three tactics from around the web that are guaranteed to triple your numbers.   

1. Share Your Content Constantly

I was once guilty of this, but after reading Garrett Moon’s post on Kissmetrics, I suddenly realized that promoting your posts on social media wasn’t a “one and done” kind of thing. Your first thought is that promoting content more than once can be spammy, but it’s actually adding value to your readers.

The fact of the matter is that people use social media at various times of the day depending on their personal routine. There are good times to post, and bad ones as well. Think of a platform like Twitter. If you promote a post once, it will be buried under a mountain of tweets within minutes, let alone hours. Your entire audience won’t see it, so you’re limiting the number of views and traffic by only posting once.

In his post, Garrett recommends the following schedule for promoting multiple times on social media:

  • Twitter – Twice on the first day (two hours apart), then once the following day, once next week, once next month, and once more in two months.
  • Facebook – Once, and then again a month later.
  • Google+ – Once, then again a week later, and again a month later.

As you can see, it’s not spammy. Instead, this tactic ensures that your audience has multiple opportunities to see the content you promised them. In addition to this schedule, be sure to post at different times of the day to see which time your audience is most active.

Also, do not post the same message each time. Instead, pose a question, quote a statistic from the article, or simple share the link.

2. Generating Traffic From Emails

As of 2013, there were 3.6 billion email accounts in the world. If that’s not a gold mine for potential traffic, I don’t know what is. The problem is getting those emails from people. Email marketing is a strong and powerful ally in bringing traffic to your blog, but it requires finesse. This type of tactic is a slow burn, but the investment of time is worth it for the results.

In one of his massive posts, Neil Patel describes a four step process to building an email list that is composed of people who are interested in your product, and excited to read your content:

  • Define ONE primary goal – Start by brainstorming the purpose of your email list. What are you going to provide these readers? Boil it down to specific knowledge you have that people can use. Stray from generic ideas and focus on something concrete like how to increase your traffic.
  • Make a New Landing Page –  Create a landing page where you collect emails based on a specific need. Let’s use the traffic example again. Your landing page should tell readers that sign up they will have access to proven strategies guaranteed to increase their traffic. That builds a focused email list of motivated readers.
  • Write Guest Posts for Elite Blogs – Pitch guest posts only to high ranking blogs in your niche to bring the proper traffic to your email landing page. Search for your keyword on Google and look for guest post opportunities within those top-level blogs.
  • Use Targeted Marketing on Facebook – A small budget can earn you some great leads on Facebook by running targeted ads. Use the tools to specify the interests and groups you are looking to attract.

Generating a strong email list can take time, but once you have a list of motivated and high-quality leads, you can market your posts to them consistently and the click-through rates with skyrocket.

3. Repurpose Content

Many SEO specialists out there will recommend writing long-form content that is thousands of words long and filled to the brim with rock-solid information and value, before ever recommending that you blog daily in 500 word blurbs. Of course, it takes time to pump out meaty posts like that.

While duplicate content is never a good idea, there’s nothing wrong with repurposing posts. Let’s say you had a really strong post on SEO tactics. It was 3,000 words and it brought some huge traffic and engagement to your site. Take that same, valuable information, and transform it into one of these forms:

  • Podcast – Record an audio version of your post and post it in iTunes and other platforms to reach new people and bring them to your site.
  • Video – You can record yourself talking about some of the same subjects, similar to how Moz does their Whiteboard Friday videos.
  • A Presentation – You can use create a slideshow of visual aids based on the content you did, and upload it to SlideShare.
  • Ebook – Compiling a number of your high-quality posts into an e-book allows you to either self-publish it on Amazon, or offer it as an incentive to visit or sign-up to your email newsletter.


Final Thoughts

Promoting your blog posts and bringing in traffic goes beyond simply posting on social media, or sending it to your email followers. These three strategies help you promote your blog and multiply the traffic coming to your blog.
What tips or tool would you suggest for increasing traffic? Share your thoughts in the comments below!  

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