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The reading audience of the linkbird blog consists of senior level online marketers and SEO experts. We cater to an advance level audience of decision makers in the field of online marketing. Should you want to share your experiences and expertise in the fields of SEO (link building), Online PR (branding) and Content Marketing (research, seeding and outreach), then we welcome you to write for us!

Our audience appreciates content which is directly actionable and can be applied to online marketing strategies. We mainly publish:

  • how-to guides
  • step-by-step guides
  • tactical advice and tips
  • case studies
  • expert interviews and commentary
  • research and experiment results
  • pioneering and thought leading content

In what ways can you write for us?

We accept contributions in two formats:

  1. Single contributions
  2. Periodical contributions

Single contribution:

If you have an interesting piece that you would like to publish on the linkbird blog please consider the following points:

  • Is it interesting for experts in the field of online marketing?
  • Is it related to the topics of SEO, Content Marketing or Online PR?
  • Is it non-promotional? We allow some amount of self-promotion via valuable content but it should not be the goal of your contribution.

If you’ve answered yes to all three questions please get in touch with us and mention the words “Single Contribution” in your email subject line. We are thrilled to have you write for us. 🙂

Periodical contribution:

We especially welcome authors who intend to publish periodical posts on our blog. Should you be interested in becoming one of our periodical contributors, please consider the following points in addition to the points mentioned above for single contributions:

  • Can you provide one blog post every two months?
  • Can you commit to at least a six-months-period (or 3 blog posts)?
  • Do you consider yourself knowledgeable in the field of SEO, Content Marketing or Online PR?

Get in touch with and mention the words “Periodical Contribution” in your email subject line.

Some tips for getting selected more easily

In order to speed up the process of becoming a periodical contributor please attach the following with your email:

  • a few samples of your past writings
  • a link to your profile on your most preferred social network
  • a few suggestions of posts that you would like to write on the linkbird blog

We will get back to you within a period of one week after we have received your email.

Guidelines for contributors writing for us

We are very happy to have you write for us on the linkbird blog. When writing a blog post, please have the following article guidelines in mind, in order to make the editorial process as fast and smooth as possible for yourself and us.

  • Post length: we require a minimum of 800 words for our blog posts. Longer posts are very welcome, however we strive to create succinct and concise content.
  • Headline: aim for a short and clear headline that grasps the attention of your reader.
  • Introduction: try to arrive at the main point of the topic within the first or the second paragraph.
  • Images: make sure the first image in the body of the text appears after the first 100 words. (images are not mandatory but usually add to the appeal of an article)
  • Linking: only link to pages which add to the content value of the post. Links to products or irrelevant pages will be removed. Additionally, we reserve the right to change links or remove them.
  • Attribution: if you are using data or images in the post, please make sure you are providing proper attribution.
  • Featured image: every post needs to be accompanied by a 1571 x 551 pixels featured image.

Author’s bio

All of our authors have a dedicated author page and author box. So when sending us your information (single contributions) or filling in your information in our WordPress platform (periodical contributions), please make sure to provide your: full name, URL to your website, URL to one or more of your social media profiles.

Editorial process

We aim to have a one week turnaround for submitted posts.

Process for single contributions

Once we have received your article, there will be a first round of copy-editing. We will then send the text back to you with a screenshot of how the article will look later on the blog. On the basis of this, you may express any changes to the text or the layout. After a 2nd round of copy-editing we will inform you of a preliminary publication date which you can change in agreement with us.

Process for periodical contributions

For periodical contributions, we adhere to the following process:

  • After you have created the post in our WordPress account, please hit submit for review.
  • One of our online editors will review your post. Online editors can make changes and also suggest them.
  • After the first round of changes has been made, online editors will finalize the post and schedule it.
  • As soon as a post has been scheduled, the author will receive an email with the exact date and time of publication.

After the publication

We highly appreciate authors which interact with the audience and promote their blog posts on social media. We seed each post on our social media channels and include them in our periodical newsletters.


Send us an email here. And thank you for your attention! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Karan Sharma

Karan Sharma

Karan is online editor and inbound marketing manager at linkbird - an SaaS tool for online marketers to efficiently increase the online visibility of their brand or company through SEO, content marketing and online PR. When Karan is not creating content or researching the SEO industry, he enjoys foreign cultures, learning new things and awesome quotes.

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